The sacrament of Marriage reflects the love of God made present in the commitment of love men and women make to each other, promising lifelong fidelity and being open to the gift of children.  Our Diocese expects couples to give at least six months notice if they intend to marry.  Please make an appointment with either Fr. John or Deacon Keith.  The preparation will take the form of sessions reflecting on the Church’s teaching on the sacrament plus the filling in of the necessary documentation and a rehearsal if the wedding is to take place at Christ the King.  Couples will also be asked to take a course with Catholic Marriage Care. Booking form from Marriage Care.  Courses take place at The Diocesan Centre, Mornington Crescent, Mackworth, Derby DE22 4BD, which is on the same site as Christ the King church.

Marriage Care Nottingham

Marriage Care Nottingham provides our local services for support for marriage and marriage preparation. On their website you will find the following:
•  General Information on the services provided. Additional details can be found on our national website:
•  Regularly updated dates of all marriage preparation courses we are providing.
•  A booking form for marriage preparation enquiries. Couples or the priest referring them can fill this out. It will then be sent to the coordinator who will respond. Alternatively clients can email or call Mark Crossley on 07725360196.

Marriage Care National Office has recently revised our Marriage Preparation Courses, including also a change in style of presenting the course.

In addition, we have a volunteering section where you can find details on how to apply for various roles. Anyone interested is encouraged to make contact with us and join our established team of volunteers.